Two Time #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

#1 Amazon Bestselling ebook, Emergency Cash Now by Mel Waller

There are many ways to become an Amazon Bestseller. Some can be expensive. Some are not very efficient.

After publishing for 20 years, I have finally learned the best way to become an Amazon Bestseller and I now consult others to do the same. I will be posting their results here very soon. I am working right now to help 17 other books/ebooks to become #1 Amazon Bestsellers and I have just submitted what should be my 3rd #1 Amazon Bestseller. I’ll have results on all of these over the next 2 weeks and will post here with images to confirm what I am saying.

What is it worth to you to become a #1 Amazon Bestseller?

Just having a book written gives you credibility and sets you up as an authority. How much more for being a #1 Amazon Bestseller?

Once your book/ebook is ready to be published or even if its already published on Amazon, in about a 2 week period, we can get your book to be a #1 Amazon Bestseller. There is work that you have to do to launch your book for this and I will also provide the necessary information that you will need to make this a success. Feel free to reach out to me for more information. It can be a lot simpler than you imagine.

#1 Amazon Bestseller
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To Our Success!

Mel Waller

16 thoughts on “Two Time #1 Amazon Bestselling Author”

  1. I am very interested in this topic. Could please share more information with me? I also want to know what is the step for newbies to start publishing on Amazon until to reach the #1 Amazon Bestseller?

  2. Hi Mel,

    Congrats on being an Amazon Bestselling Author! I know you must feel very proud of your achievement. I’ll be looking forward to coming back here and seeing the new images!

    Keep up the productive work.

    • Thanks!

      If you need some tips, feel free to reach out. If you want to become #1 Amazon Bestseller, let me know and I’ll give my honest assessment if your ebook/book should be able to do that. It’s a lot easier than you think.

      Mel Waller

  3. I’m looking forward to learning more from you, Mel.

    It seems like a good time to dust off the book I wrote 5 years ago. I tried to get it published through traditional channels, however, had no success.

    Interested to see where this can take us!


  4. Success is what you have here number #1 seller on amazon that is amazing, we are working on publishing a book as well.
    You seem to be getting all your data collected we will be back to see results.
    Good luck on publishing al 17 book/ebooks.


  5. Hi Mel. Great, informative post about becoming the Best selling author on Amazon. I will also come back for seeing the images. One question though, are you going to help people to become best-selling authors after the book is on the website or even before? In other words: would you change something in the book content in order to achieve the desired results? Cheers

    • Hi Julius,

      Content of the book/ebook is not critical to being a bestseller, believe it or not, UNLESS they are not in the right category and they need LOTS of sales in a day to do it.



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