How to Write Step by Step a Low Content Book in 2023 Part 2 Title Page

Yesterday in Part 1, I set up a book cover that I can repeatedly use for the series of Low Content Books that I will create. You can check that out here:

Today, we are going to start working on the Interior of this Low Content Book.

For my book publishing, I have almost always used Adobe Indesign. I publish my books via Amazon and Lightning Source, Inc and currently have 1,172 books in print. 🙂

The first page in my book is always the Title Page. It will include the Title of the book followed by the author’s name.

With this book it will be followed by the Publishing company which in this case is Life Transformation Publishing. Then I will have the Copyright symbol and year of copyright along with my name. © 2020 Mel Waller

I will include a screenshot of the Title page from within Adobe Indesign.

Title Page Screenshot
Title Page

In some books you’ll see info or a quote included between the author’s name and the publishing company name. That’s totally up to you.

The next post will discuss the next page in the book which for me is the ISBN Page. Part 3 ISBN Page.

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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