How to Write Step by Step a Low Content Book in 2023 Part 1

The idea for publishing a low content book goes all the way back to my childhood. Our family had stopped for lunch on our way to visit relatives and after eating, I ventured into a gift shop and found a book about the complete book of Norwegian knowledge and it was mostly blank pages. haha.

I showed my father who was American, but also 100% Norwegian and he thought it was pretty funny also.

I publish the vast majority of my books on Amazon, but we are not allowed more than 2 blank pages so I never really gave it further thought until I was watching Live Chat on a business educational platform, Wealthy Affiliate that I am on and they were talking about low content books and then I quickly learned the solution to the dilemna of no more than 2 blank pages.

Within a couple of weeks I had published 34 Low Content books and I have seen sales as a result.

So allow me to show you the process I went through to create my Low Content books.

First, I needed to decide on a common title as I was going to do a series of similar books. That became: “The Complete Book of __________ Knowledge: Since Before the Beginning of Time!”.

I wanted a similar cover for all the books for branding purposes. I actually found someone on Wealthy Affiliate who agreed to design a cover and that I would be albe to easily make changes for each new title in the series. Awesome! 🙂

So here is what we came up with.

Book cover image
The Complete Book of Cuban Knowledge: Since Before the Beginning of Time!

You can see the actual book on Amazon: The Complete Book Of Cuban Knowledge: Since Before the Beginning of Time!

So the only thing I really need to change is “Cuban” to whatever country the new Low Content book would be about. Easy Peasy!

My next post will be about the Interior of the book. See you there!

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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