How Fast Can I Become an Amazon Bestseller?

My constant learning has finally paid off as I have been able to look behind the curtain at what it really takes to become an Amazon Bestseller and it blows my mind.

Do you know you could sell just a few copies of a book and become a #1 Amazon Bestseller?

I’ve published over 1100 books on Amazon as well as 280 ebooks and I had no clue about what I’ve learned very recently.

Naturally, I am doing this for myself, but should I be successful, I will also be able to teach others.

I’m not even going to wait until my major book title gets launched on Sept 18th.

I published a book on March 24th, and I will now turn that into an ebook and implement all the training I have learned along with the Analytical tools I purchased and hopefully I will be successful at creating an Amazon Bestseller even without reviews!

Believe me, it is not that difficult to publish a book and/or ebook in your niche or related to your business.

With an Amazon Bestseller it changes people’s perception of what you have to offer them.

I will share the results with you. I should be able to do this in 30 days or much less than that and I will turn all my energy into this project.

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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