How Can a New Book Author Earn Money Besides from the Sale of Their Book?

Here are some ways a new book author can earn money besides directly from book sales:

  • Do speaking engagements, book tours, or author events. Many authors are paid to give talks, readings, or presentations. This gives exposure and allows authors to sell books directly.
  • Sell subsidiary rights. Authors can earn royalties by selling rights for translations, book clubs, audiobooks, movies/TV, etc.
  • Get magazine writing jobs. Authors can leverage their credentials to write freelance articles and get paid.
  • Use affiliate marketing. Include affiliate links to products related to your book’s subject and earn commissions.
  • Sell merchandise. Authors can make money creating and selling merchandise like t-shirts, posters etc. related to their book.
  • Create online courses or coaching. Authors can generate income by sharing their expertise through online courses or coaching programs.
  • Crowdfunding. Authors can use crowdfunding platforms to raise funds to support writing their book.
  • Get a part-time job. Some authors have a separate part-time job for a steady income stream besides book earnings.
  • Create bonus content for super fans. Authors can provide exclusive extra content or experiences to devoted fans for a fee.
  • Public speaking. Authors can get paid to deliver keynote speeches related to their book’s topics.

The key is to leverage the book to create multiple income streams beyond just book sales alone. A diversified approach allows authors to earn a better living.

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