5 Authors with 16 Amazon Bestselling Titles

What does it take to become an Amazon Bestselling title?

A book/ebook title needs to have enough sales to be in the Top 100 of any category on Amazon.

You have seen me focusing on being #1, but ALL titles in the Top 100 are Bestselling titles.

As of this moment, I have helped 5 Authors including myself have 16 Amazon Bestselling titles of which 5 became #1 Amazon Bestselling titles.

I will be helping many, many more Authors do the same in the months ahead. Mel Waller

A Magical Day With You! by Gamestriss Graphics

Bermuda’s Secret Vol 1 by J Lynn Brown

Bermuda’s Secret Vol 15 by J Lynn Brown
Create Your First eBook in 30 Days or Less! by Mel Waller
Emergency Cash Now by Mel Waller

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